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Song Of The Week 

Taylor Janzen - What I Do...

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Native Tune Of The Week 

Girl Fox - Straight Jacket

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Diamond In The Rough Feature Of The Week 

Jungle - Busy Earnin'

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Throwback Track Of The Week

The Cure - Just Like Heaven

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Diamonds In The Rough

"Diamonds In The Rough" features a variety of tracks from typically unknown artists. Find new music that you've never heard before with this unique selection of music, played right on WPLP everyday! This section of music is sponsored by Soaps Up!


Throwback Tracks

"Throwback Tracks" features records from the past five decades. Hear classics like Nirvana, Billy Idol, The Eagles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and so much more! Hear these tracks on WPLP everyday!

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Native Tunes

WPLP Proudly supports local music, and plays a large variety of music from local central Ohio artists, and sometimes even tunes from current and former Orange students!