Striving for justice: Term limits on the Supreme Court

October 30, 2020

I am a strong believer that America should strive to be a fair country. As an American, I want the American dream to be realized. I want everyone to have a fair and equal chance to succeed, and I want everyone to have their rights. And I feel like something needs to change for that to happen.


The Supreme Court is one of the most powerful groups of people in the United States, and a nomination to it guarantees you have major influence on the law of the entire country until the day you die or retire. I don’t believe that any person should have that much power. I think there should be term limits on Supreme Court justices.


The approval of our most recent justice has guaranteed a conservative majority on the Supreme Court for many years, and while you can see this as a win, you have to be able to see how undemocratic the system is. The people of this country have very little control over who these justices, people who are responsible for upholding the constitution, are.


Term limits would allow the cycling of Supreme Court justices, so that people who are representing the population of this country won’t stay in power forever.


The Supreme Court doesn’t have to be an unchanging institution. It has shrunk or expanded seven times in its history, so the precedent for change is there.


I can understand that people may be hesitant to make such a drastic change to such a long-standing part of American history, but I feel like it is a much-needed change.

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