The fight against COVID-19: The precautions being made to stop the virus

In the past months, the coronavirus has affected daily life in a huge way. From schools to businesses, everyone is affected.

Schools have been shut down, and people are now working from home, grocery stores are set up different all because of COVID-19. Although Americans may feel very vulnerable and have no control of the situation, people are doing their best to treat patients, and it helps everyone to stay home and stay safe. People should be working with the government and staying in their houses as much as possible, so that the United States can go back to normal as soon as possible.

Schools are shut down in Ohio for the rest of the school year; now all classes will be online, and fourth quarter will be completely virtual. This means social distancing will continue, and people won't be as close to one another, therefore helping get rid of the coronavirus.

For some students, this can be very difficult and for others very easy. Either way, this online way of learning is benefiting everyone by keeping everyone safe. The teachers and staff are doing their best to help students understand all the information from their online classes.

Many people are trying to get the fourth quarter canceled and just make it a passing grade. Therefore, students would only have to worry about the pandemic. However, currently students are all still learning during this fourth quarter. They are getting the information they need to learn, from a safe environment.

Almost all stores are shut down currently, and the only businesses open are essential such as grocery stores. Restaurants are also open but only for delivery and take out. If businesses are shutting down and taking these huge precautions, people should be able to just stay at home, rather than going to hang out with others.

All of this is because of the precautions being made to help the virus go away and to keep

people safe. Without these precautions, more people may have gotten this virus and been in danger.

Hospital workers, such as doctors and nurses, have been working very hard to help contain this virus and treat sick people suffering from COVID-19, while keeping themselves healthy.

Hospital workers are working long hours and are exhausted because of the strain being put on them during this hard time. They are doing their best to treat people, but many are scared for their own safety. People with non-essential jobs need to stay away from others, so this pandemic can go away, Everyone is making sacrifices, but they need to continue to social distance, so that everyone is safe.

Overall there are many precautions being made to help this virus go away and to keep everyone safe. Although this seems like a very hard time, as people listen to guidelines and take these precautions seriously the virus will get better and people will be able to slowly go back to their normal lives.


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