A change of plans: Sports seasons canceled and graduation rescheduled

With Gov. Mike DeWine canceling school for the remainder of the year, many events have been canceled that were set to take place this spring.

When there was a possibility of returning to school on May 4, athletes involved in spring sports were told that there would be a condensed season when school began again.

“If we went back to school, we would’ve had a shortened season that would have consisted of just tournaments and ended in early July,” sophomore and softball player Valeria Favila Inacua said.

Now that school has been canceled for the remainder of the year, there will be no seasons for any of the spring sports.

“If we don’t end up going back to school at all, then the season is canceled,” Favila Inacua said, before the news about the cancellation was released.

Many are upset by school being canceled because they will miss their entire season.

“I was really looking forward to the season this year because I feel that I have improved from last year, and I was looking forward to putting my skills to the test,” Favila Inacua said.

Athletes are feeling especially bad for the seniors right now, as they are missing the final season of the sport that many chose to dedicate four years to.

“Getting the season canceled definitely stinks, and I feel bad mostly for the seniors,” sophomore and track athlete Kate Uhrick said. “They have been doing track for so long, and having their season canceled is really sad.”

These senior athletes are missing their last chance to be with their team.

“I look forward to every season because I make some of my favorite memories during it,” senior and softball player Delaney Phillips said. “I’m sad that I won’t get to make some final memories or get to experience a senior night.”

Big events like tournaments and senior night will be sorely missed, but sometimes it’s the small things that are missed the most.

“I’m going to miss a lot of the things we did, like blaring our music on the fields or going out to get food after our games and just having constant fun together,” Phillips said.

Besides a canceled sports season, the seniors’ graduation is also being pushed back to July 19.

“It sucks that we can’t graduate on time in May like classes before us,” senior Faith Frentos said. “But I’m thankful we still get to have a graduation.”

If the coronavirus allows the ceremony to be held on this date, it won’t be too different from a graduation in May.

“I don’t think it will be much different to have it later, but it might feel a little different since we haven’t seen each other in so long,” Frentos said.

Right now is a hard time for many, and while it's upsetting to have seasons canceled and graduations rescheduled, most people understand why it's happening.

“Even though I’m disappointed that the season’s cancelled,” Favila Inacua said. “I think it’s for the best, because it will protect everyone’s health.”


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