Editorial: Unexpected senior year for class of 2020

Senior year. A year that many hoped to be filled with some of the best high school memories. The last prom, senior breakfast, walking across the graduation stage with those we have sat beside for the past 13 years, but unfortunately luck isn't one to favor the class of 2020. Being born in the aftermath of 9/11, starting school during the 2008 recession and now, ending high school in the middle of a world pandemic.

We walked out of the front doors on March 12 making weekend plans and telling our classmates “See you Monday!”, but there was no Monday, we will never walk back through the doors and sit in the same seats again. That feeling is why many seniors are so heartbroken about the end of senior year being ripped away. Some of the seniors will move across the country, never to be seen again until the 10 year reunion. Some have spent the past three and a half years overworking themselves for the opportunity to make it into a top university, telling themselves they can have fun the last semester of senior year just for that to be ripped away and those memories never to be made.

But there's a major misconception some are having, the seniors know it could be worse. We know our situation isn't as bad as some in the past. No, we aren't being shipped to war during our senior year, but that doesn't make our feelings any less valid. We should be allowed to express how upset we are to older generations without fear of backlash.

We just want closure. We want one last event as a class to say goodbye, whether it be a makeup prom, a cookout or a graduation, we just want and deserve that final day together. The class of 2020 is special. It's a class made of those who have lived their lives overcoming adversities with a smile on their faces, knowing that better times lie ahead, but for this adversity only time will tell for what's to come.


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