Review of activities to do during quarantine

If one thing has become clear during these trying times away from school and friends, it is that people really enjoy spending time in public places with others. So, the sudden shock of social distancing has been a struggle for many. But, there are many different activities people can do to pass the time.

One thing is to try a new recipe. Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, or learn to decorate the perfect cake. It is always fun to experiment in the kitchen, even if it doesn’t turn out as planned. Plus, the family gets to enjoy a sweet treat!

Another popular thing that many people are doing is going on walks. Yes, this helps to keep people active, but there are also many psychological benefits to this as well. According to, "increased energy, improved mood, more clear thought process, better sleep, better equipped to deal with anxiety and stress,” are a few of the benefits to walking outdoors. So next time mom asks for company on a walk, say “yes.”

Start a creativity project. Whether it is getting out an old coloring book, or making a photo wall with pictures of friends and family, finding a passion project can be extremely beneficial to mental health. It can help to keep people inspired and motivated throughout the day.

Play a game. It may sound childish, but getting out the Sorry game board or a deck of Uno cards could be very fun to play with family. There are also many virtual options such as Scrabble and Uno which are free in the app store.

Facetiming with friends and family is a great way to stay connected during this time apart. Zoom is also a great option that can be used through the computer or phone. says, “It is crucial during this time of uncertainty that we make sure we stay socially connected to increase not only our mental and physical wellness but also to help support our neighbors, communities, and loved ones’ wellness, too.”

Through these difficult times it is hard to stay connected with others and motivated to do schoolwork. But, it is crucial to the wellbeing of others and ourselves to focus on social distancing so that people can get back to being with the ones they love.


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