Yearly testing: A look at the annual Ohio State Tests

As the Ohio State Tests come around again, students begin to prepare inside and outside of the classroom for these standardized tests.

State tests like these are required in public schools in order for the schools to receive federal funding. The scores can also let the school know what subject(s) students need the most help in.

The information from the scores “assists districts and schools in improving instructional practices and curriculum as well as giving families valuable information about how well their student is doing,” according to the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The tests are mainly used for a graduation requirement, as students have to get a certain number of points across all the tests to graduate.

“Students have to get 18 points on seven different tests,” Guidance counselor Matthew Baumgartner said. “They can also get seals by being proficient in these areas.”

While the Ohio State Tests do a lot of good for the school, not everything about them is perfect. Many students stress out about them because of their length and difficulty.

“I wish there was less pressure put on students to do well on these tests,” sophomore Madelyn Braun said. “In the long run, they don’t really matter, but students get extremely stressed over them.”

She claimed that most students don’t know what is done with their score. Other than the graduation requirement, how the scores are used is a mystery to many students.

“I wish we were more informed on what the Ohio State Tests are and how the scores affect us personally,” Braun said.


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