We were on a break: Having homework over breaks is not beneficial

Having homework over breaks from school is a very controversial topic in the eyes of many students. Students, more often than not, expect to not have homework over a break because it should be a relaxing time where they don’t need to worry about school. Teachers often see the need to give homework so that students will remember the topics when they return.

Students shouldn’t have homework over breaks because it adds extra stress and pressure to a time that is reserved for relaxing and spending time with friends and family while having fun.

This homework is often overlooked or forgotten about during the break, therefore it’s serving no real purpose.

Students work hard for weeks after weeks doing schoolwork such as their homework, taking tests, and writing papers. When a break such as winter break or spring break comes around, these students deserve a time to not have to worry about homework and get the chance to take some time off.

According to Teachthought, "More homework doesn’t necessarily equate to higher achievement.” This consideration means that even though schools may assign homework, many times this won't truly help people, whether the teacher thinks it will or not.

Although they might not remember every detail of what was being taught, the teachers can always do a brief lesson review upon the return of students on the past topics. Teachers often do this anyway whether they assigned homework over break or not.

Many times, homework over break is not very important and/or is not being taken for a grade and is almost seen as busy work. This work takes up time but serves no real purpose.

Students can study or look over notes if they chose over breaks but to give them meaningless papers on topics they already have covered seems useless.


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