In with the new: The argument for soft serve ice cream

Commonly found at fast food restaurants, buffets, and sporting venues, soft serve ice cream is typically viewed as a cheap and convenient alternative to traditional ice cream.

Introduced in 1936, it was Carvel that developed a secret soft serve ice cream formula, along with patented super low-temperature ice cream machines. Soft serve is actually classified as more of a frozen dairy dessert than an ice cream. As a result of air being introduced into freezing, soft serve is softer and less dense than traditional ice cream. Soft serve is actually never frozen, but is held at a very low temperature, according to business insider.

Soft serve is the superior ice cream choice due to its convenience and cheap price. Unlike traditional ice cream, soft serve is easy to find in many fast food restaurants. This makes it easy to access, even when consumers are in a hurry. Very few ice cream parlors have drive thrus, and even if they do, they aren’t as fast as the establishments that serve soft serve.

However, soft serve isn’t just found at fast food places. Unlike traditional ice cream, soft serve can be found in buffets, self-serve restaurants, and other desert places, like the cookie dough creamery.

Soft serve has less ingredients than traditional ice cream, making it less dense.. According to, the machine that freezes the mixture for soft serve is kept at a few degrees warmer, giving soft serve its “soft” and almost “melted” like texture. It’s warmer temperature also leads to less brain freezes. These factors are big reasons as to why soft serve is easier to eat more of.

Since soft serve contains less fat content, it is actually better for you than traditional ice cream, according to the In fact, in addition to the slightly warmer temperature of soft serve, the low fat actually is another contributor to its fluffy texture.

Next time you're looking for a quick and convenient tasty treat that won’t make you feel terrible, grab some soft serve, as it is easily accessible and beyond affordable.


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