Students adapt to online school

After one week into the “Extended Spring Break,” students at the high school have had time to get the hang of the online schooling process. COVID-19 has impacted the schools and what the students are doing with their time at home.

Changing from going to school every day to not leaving home has been a big change in the last week. Students have adapted to the change and are striving to finish the school year.

“It’s been kind of hectic, but as long as I organize what I have to do online schooling is pretty easy to adapt to,” senior Jason Stewart said.

Stewart thinks that the sleep that he is getting has helped be productive at home. “I feel more productive with a proper amount of sleep,” Stewart said.

The switch to online school has not been as easy for the interactions with classmates.

With COVID-19 regulations changing every day, it has made it hard for students to experience their relationship with faculty and other students.

“I don’t like that there is no structure or social interaction. I feel like I learn best around people, so not having that in-person experience is hard,” senior Joy Gimei said.

Students do understand that their health is very important to the district and think that the online school may not be what they expected, but a good alternative to continue to learn.

“I think online schooling was a good response to the Coronavirus to prevent it spreading further,” Gimei said.

Regardless of the negative times, students still have hope that they will return back to school. Both Stewart and Gimei think that if people follow the instructions given out by the Governor, students will have a chance to go back to school.


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