OOHS Varsity Hockey vs. St. Xavier Bombers

As the final minutes of the clock counted down in third period play, the crowd roared for the underdog team as they saw a victory on the horizon. The Pioneers would skate past the Bombers onto the third round of the Division 1 State Qualifying bracket.

The Olentangy Orange Pioneers (OOHS) competed against the Cincinnati Saint Xavier Bombers (X) at the Chiller North on Sunday, Feb. 23. Over the course of three periods and 45 minutes, OOHS led the momentum resulting in a win of 7-1.

Junior Defensemen Ethan Muth said, “We knew what had to be done to win after our loss against them (X) in the last matchup, and we did it.”

The Pioneers took charge of the pace early on in the game and played offensively, allowing seven goals to be put past the Bombers goalie. Sophomore Grant Hendrickson, Senior Cam Miller, as well as Juniors Clayton Headlee, Payton Muth and Austin Knupp all put one puck in the back of the net. Senior Captain Jake Moronne led the team with a total of two goals.

Junior Attackmen Payton Muth commented, “I think what we did well was creating a great team chemistry and that we played for each other rather than for ourselves.”

This victory against the Bombers will allow the Pioneers to advance to the quarter finals against the number 2 seed Saint Charles on Saturday, Feb. 29 at the Chiller North as they continue to move towards the state championship.


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