Stepping outside the classroom: Experiential learning classes

The normal high school curriculum consists of a teacher standing in front of a class full of students lecturing while the students take their own notes. With such a rigid and uninteresting format of teaching, students often are bored in class and tend to dislike school.

When senior year of high school hits, the majority of students at the high school work on applications to apply to a college they will attend for the next four years. The dreaded and unknown answer to the question ‘What do you want to do?’ comes up during this process.

Because of the current format of many high schools, it is difficult for many seniors, and even college freshmen, to answer this question. With little to no experiential learning, students are left to guess exactly what they want to study in college.

However, the high school offers students several classes, such as Mentorship I/II and Teacher’s Academy, that can aid students in answering the dreaded question they are continuously asked. Within these course, students get the opportunity to shadow a professional in any field they chose to truly experience the everyday work the career entails.

My senior year, I was enrolled in Mentorship I and got the opportunity to shadow a radiation oncologist. With this experience, I can confidently say that I’m interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.

If I hadn’t taken the opportunity to enroll in Mentorship and get outside of the typical classroom setting, I would have had no idea as to what I would like to study in college. This opportunity to envision myself in a specific career has helped me gain an understanding as to what my future profession could possibly be.

While taking Mentorship or Teacher’s Academy may seem like more work and time, it is well worth it because of the value of the experience. Soon to be seniors should highly consider these courses as they are informative and could possibly help them discover their future career.


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