Orange's elective classes: Human Relationships course

Electives are a very popular class option when it comes to high schoolers choosing some of the courses they want to take in the upcoming school year. But one elective class in particular stands out from the rest.

Human Relationships is a semester long elective course that grades 10 through 12 have the option of taking during their high school experience. This class stands out for all the other electives and it is by far my favorite elective course that I have had the honor of taking during my two years so far at the high school.

This class comes with so many fun topics to learn about and can broaden students’ knowledge about the world of families, relationships and many more engaging topics that are taught.

This class is known for the baby simulation, which I loved completing. While completing the semester long course, students have a unit over parenthood and what is it like to become a parent. Within this specific topic, students are giving the option to take a battery powered baby that gives them the closest to the real-life experience of having a newborn child.

During this certain simulation you are given the baby for a weekend and students get to experience the “struggle” that parents of a newborn have to experience. These struggles include a lack of sleep due to being woken up by the baby every hour of the night multiple times to handle the needs of the newborn.

Even though the weekend that I had the pleasure of taking home the baby I got zero sleep, I would do the simulation over again because I genuinely did have fun. Being able to hold and cuddle the baby whenever I pleased was very comforting and I enjoyed it very much.

Even though this certain simulation isn’t for everyone, there is always an alternative assignment. Since the simulation isn’t easy, neither is the alternative research assignment. I may not know a whole lot about the alternative assignment because I chose to do the simulation, but from hearing my teacher talk about it to those who are doing it, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be something students can just get done in one night.

I recommend taking this fun filled elective that is full of engaging and mind opening topics, the class has so much to offer to everyone and you won’t regret it.


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