Modern museums: A look into Columbus' Otherworld

Neon lights hang from the walls while mirrors surround the room from floor to ceiling. Trap doors and tunnels lead to rooms that seem to turn into a different dimension.

After over a year’s worth of construction, the new business and museum, Otherworld officially opened to the public on May 24. Otherworld is open year-round Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 pm. General admission ticket prices are $22.

“Otherworld has a lot of potential with a lot of support from the community that usually doesn’t happen this often or fast. This versatile building would not have a hard time to expand,” Otherworld supervisor Meagan Hilyer said. Hilyer manages the staff at the museum, handles most of the media and took part in the constructing of the art in some exhibits.

Located at 5819 Chantry Dr, Columbus, OH, this Columbus museum is full of every form of art one can imagine. It turns the concept of art into an interactive experience displayed in different rooms and set ups. Otherworld holds over 40 scenes that visitors have the opportunity to experience, according to its website.

Otherworld is a place for everyone from families with two-week-old babies and toddlers, to teenagers with their friends. All attractions at the museum are adaptable, experiencing minor changes every other week and major changes every two months. Otherworld offers art classes for people who are a part of the community, to get a chance to get their art featured throughout the museum.

“Working here, I had to be very adaptable with the constant change. Being fairly new, it was all a learning process. However it is always a fun time as we hold workshops, parties and even concerts,” Hilyer said.

When it comes to this invigorating place, freedom is everything. Rather than a set of rules and maps, Otherworld opens their space to visitors with every choice up to them.

“The best part about it is that there’s not a path; it’s free range and you get to walk around and explore on your own. Everything there is so random and unexpected which is entertaining,” junior Maddy Combs said. Combs went to the museum with friends on Dec. 27.

The interaction involved is endless. Otherworld is practically a playground for adolescents, with just about everything and anything to avert one’s attention to.

Junior Becky Hale attended Otherworld on Jan. 25. “Walking around, we got to touch weird, yet cool things, and crawl through tunnels while looking at the different rooms that they have,” Hale said.

The possibilities at Otherworld truly are innumerable. The attraction is filled with not only sights but activities for people to participate in as well.

“I didn’t know until the end that there was a scavenger hunt you were able to do on your phone throughout the whole thing, and I wish someone would have told me beforehand,” junior Emma Valentine said.

From hallways filled with mirrors to rooms lit up by twinkling lights Otherworld truly has opportunities for everyone. One room even has a colossus tree in the center.

“I want the people who come here to understand that this place encourages you to expand your horizons and think through things. Upon arrival, all of you goes into this immersive art experience,” Hilyer said.

No matter the age or the interest, there is something for everyone at Otherworld, whether that is observing or interacting with different works of art, taking photos with friends, listening to music and live bands, or simply having a different experience that one cannot obtain anywhere else.


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