Courier Grammy recap: Kobe overshadows award show

The Grammy’s recently debuted at the end of January. With a lot of celebrity drama, it was a night not to miss.

Starting off, alternative pop artist Billie Eilish stole the show winning a total of five Grammys and making history. According to LA Times Magazine, “At 18, Billie Eilish is the second-youngest artist ever to win the best new artist Grammy award.” She also won Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Pop Vocal Album of the Year.

Billy Eilish is inspiring many young women as well. “I was excited to see Billy Eilish win five Grammys because she is such a young figure and always reaches out of social norms for women and how they can achieve anything, and at such a young age,” junior Emma Reeder said.

Moving on, pop artist Lizzo also made a big name for herself. On their website, the Grammy awards show said, “Lizzo has won Best Pop Solo Performance for ‘Truth Hurts’.” Her solo “Truth Hurts” also was No. 1 on a top 100 list with over 15.6 million streams.

Post Malone was nominated for many categories as well as his song Sunflower but did not receive a Grammy. Freshman Joe Ritterspach was disappointed in some of the nominees and said, “I was hoping to see a little more of Post Malone considering his ‘Hollywoods Bleeding’ album was a big hit.”

Even with the highlights of the Grammys, controversy still arose with Kobe Bryant’s death occurring earlier that day, and many difficulties surrounding the Recording Academy surfaced. According to USA Today, “In the two weeks leading up to the big show, Deborah Dugan, the CEO of the Recording Academy (which presents the Grammys), was put on leave and then filed an explosive 44-page discrimination complaint in which she alleged that the Grammys voting process is inconsistent.” Many celebrities proceeded to back up her claims.

Reported by, “Celebrities such as Gabrielle Union, Sheryl Crow and Megan Kelly have sprung to Dugan’s defense publicly. Crow calls Dugan a fantastic and brilliant woman.” Despite huge allegations being made, the death of Kobe Bryant overshadowed the controversy.

Many artists paid respects to Kobe at the Grammys. Some moments that stood out were captured by Time Magazine. “Lizzo, the night’s most-nominated artist, who paid tribute to Bryant before launching into a medley. ‘Tonight, is for Kobe,’ she said, then began her song ‘Cuz I Love You,’ which begins with the lyrics, ‘I’m crying ‘cuz I love you.'

Another artist Alicia Keys, who also hosted the show, followed with a subdued and heartfelt speech. “To be honest with you, we’re all feeling crazy sadness right now, because earlier today Los Angeles, America and the whole wide world lost a hero,” she said, visibly shaken.”

In the end, the Grammys was successful nonetheless and will be one to remember.


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