Singing for a score: The choirs go to OMEA event

On Feb. 8, the high school’s musical groups went to the annual solo and ensemble event at Granville High School. Each small group and solo are scored on a scale from one to five, with one being superior and five being poor.

This event is for singers and students playing instruments alike. It is put on by the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) and is attended by many students involved in the fine arts.

“The event is where a group of students or a soloist learns a song to perform in front of a judge for a rating,” sophomore Marin Hogue said.

This year was special for the high school because, as a whole, the students took home 26-one ratings.

“My group did well,” sophomore Evie Valiulus said. “We got a one rating and the judge really seemed to like us.”

This event is different from other concerts for the choir because the ensembles that they go with have much smaller numbers than the whole choir. Typically, ensembles have no more than nine members, giving significantly more responsibility to each individual.

“You have to pull more weight in a smaller group compared to singing in a choir,” Valiulus said. “There is also a lot less room for mistakes.”

The students also have to learn a lot of the music on their own, so class time can be spent perfecting it. This factor also puts a lot of responsibility on the students, as putting time into the music outside of school is integral to a quality performance.

“I enjoy getting together with the group and seeing how well we can learn a song by ourselves,” Hogue said.

While most of the students involved in choir go with a group, some also decide to take on a solo. The soloists are rated on the same scale as the ensembles.

“I decided to sing a solo this year because I enjoy singing and wanted to stretch myself to try something new,” Valiulus said.


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