Netflix is Victorious: Nickelodeon joins the streaming network

For most, Disney movies are childhood classics. Whether it was watching “Aladdin” during a first sleepover or watching “Lion King” for the millionth time on a snow day, for many the movies were staples of their childhood memories.

So, one can understand the sheer panic Netflix users felt once they gained knowledge of “Disney Plus”, Hulu’s and Disney’s new partnership. Not only did this mean that there would no longer be any Disney movies on Netflix it also meant that if one wanted to watch a nostalgic Disney movie, that would be an extra $6.99 a month.

Disney jokingly tweeted “It's moving day! Is everyone packed and ready to go to @DisneyPlus?”, alluding to the entertainment platform changes many would soon plan to do. However, Netflix was not going to be a quitter.

Among nostalgic Disney movies and shows such as America’s beloved “Star Wars” and “That’s so Raven”, Nickelodeon tv shows and movies also held an important part of many people’s childhoods. There was nothing like watching “Victorious” or “Zoey 101” on a gloomy afternoon or rainy day.

With Nickelodeon classics coming into the mix of Netflix binge worthy tv shows and movies such as the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Rugrats”, Netflix may have a fighting chance to when competing with Hulu.

“Hulu is used by many people, yes, but Netflix will always rein on top due to its surplus of entertainment choices,” Delaware Hayes senior Caitlin Carter said.

And many viewers have been waiting for their favorite Nickelodeon shows to make their way to the entertainment platforms.

“I think the Netflix nickelodeon deal is better because I’ve heard about people wanting shows like “iCarly” and “Drake and Josh” on Netflix for a really long time,” junior Avery Jourdan said.

However, one can always invest in both entertainment platforms.

“I think that if you are a TV junkie then it is worth paying for both platforms if it’ll actually be used,” Carter said.

But some, like Carter, might find that they prefer one platform over the other.

“At a point in time, I did have both platforms, but I always end up just watching Netflix because I could easily switch between wanting to watch movies or TV shows and Hulu couldn’t bring me that amount of variety,” Carter said.

Jourdan also added, “if there’s one you use more than you should just keep that one and save money” which is insightful advice considering that most high school students don’t have a lot of money to be spent on entertainment platforms.

But as to which entertainment platform will come out on top in the long run:

Carter said, “I do think Netflix will always come out on top and continuously be the No. 1 streaming source because it’s become a staple, a go-to for so many people”.

Netflix has definitely managed to build a big name for itself since it first started streaming in 2007 but will a reputation be enough to win the fight? Jourdan added, “I prefer netflix because that’s the one I use more but hulu has better movies”.


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