The upcoming election: 2019 Orange Township Trustee Election

Robert Quigley is, a name drivers see on signs in the grass going down Old State Road or driving through neighborhoods. Quigley is an Orange Township resident who is running for his second term as Orange Township Trustee.

With the knowledge of already being elected once, he is working hard to get elected a second time. He wants to see growth in the community and wants to make sure that it is going in the right direction with the things it needs to thrive.

“I wanted to help make sure our township stays on track to be the best community,” Quigley said.

One of Quigley’s main goals involves managing the money when it comes to improvements the township recommends making to the community. He wants to add more enhancements to the community that he thinks are going to be beneficial.

“Some of those items include building parks and trails, ensuring we have proper safety services or enhancing the infrastructure to support the growth, just to name a few,” Quigley said.

Along with the ideas he has about the budget of the community, he is keeping his relationships in the community strong. He and his family are residents in the community and they have been for 14 years. His son Aidan Quigley is a senior and his daughter Alayna is a freshman at Olentangy Orange High School.

“Orange Township is a great family-oriented community, and we couldn’t be prouder to call it home. Our family has been surrounded by so many extraordinary people and has made many friends here.” Quigley said.

In the election, he will be running against two other candidates: Lisa Knapp and Ben Grumbles. They are tough competitors and there is only one spot open on the board.

Knapp is a tough competitor because she, along with Quigley, is a former trustee. She has also made so many positive impacts on the community, and has a plethora of relationships.

According to This Week’s Community News, “Projects are being completed, new policies have been implemented and Township Hall is efficient, calm and friendly,” Knapp said.

An election can be a family effort. Knapp’s son, Keegan attends Orange as a sophomore and sees the hard work she puts into the election and how well she handles things other people might find stressful.

“We’ve learned how to handle all the stress of the election, and she seems like she has it under control,” Knapp said.

Her campaign facebook page has over 600 likes and shows her in the community, at events like the Orange football game selling blankets for the wrestling team.

Grumbles is the only one out of the three who is a new face to the election, and that is part of his campaign. On his website he states “Orange Township needs a NEW and fresh start.”

Grumbles is a US Army veteran and works for the Department of Defense as a strategic programs manager. He grew up close to the community attending Westerville North High School and attended Ohio State University.

The election will take place on Nov. 5. Each registered voter is allowed one vote.


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