Festivities begin: Holiday Pop Concert

Since October, the choirs at the high school, Vocal Point, Orange Man Group, Varsity Singers, Choraliers, Above the Noise and the Revolution Show Choir have been preparing for the Holiday Pop Concert that took place on Dec. 16.

“This is supposed to be the most festive and fun concert of the year so my greatest expectation is that people have fun and enjoy the music with the hopes in getting everyone in the holiday spirit. It also always ends with the festival of carols and holiday chorus which is also sung by Orange choirs Alumni,” choir teacher Cheryl Brooks said.

Following a long semester of concerts and achievements, the choir’s at Orange used the Holiday Pop Concert as a way “kick-off” the end of the semester. With the Holiday Pop Concert being a yearly event, they were expecting a large crowd.

“I expected quite a few people to be there, our Holiday Pops Concert has been very popular in past years because everyone enjoys holiday music. Although, it was the week of midterms, which is very hectic for some students, so not everyone could make it,” a member of Choraliers and Revolution Show Choir junior Sidney Brisson said.

During the concert, each group sang a variety of songs including, Barbershop pieces, Bless Us All from The Muppets Christmas Carol, Frosty the Snowman, Little Saint Nickvand Let There Be Peace on Earth. As a whole choir they sang, The Hallelujah Chorus and A Festival of Carols accompanied by the orchestra.

“Each specific choir also has a couple of their own songs they are performing. My specific choir, The Choraliers, are singing a latin song, O Magnum Mysterium, and Mozart’s Fa-La-La which is a twist on Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” Brisson said.

Every year they also allow for children in grades K-8 to dance with the Revolution Show Choir for a practice and then names are chosen randomly to determine who can participate in the Holiday Pop Concert.

“It’s a lot of fun for the kids to get chosen and see how excited they are to be with us on the big concert day. It really shows how strong our program is and how passionate everyone is about what we do,” junior member of the Choraliers Audrey House said.

Admission to the concert is free although, each choir has officers and this year the officers decided to fundraise for a popular organization. Each choir put together a raffle basket with a couple themes, two being Ohio State and Movie Night. All of the money made went to the Children’s Hunger Alliance.

“We believe the Children’s Hunger Alliance was a fantastic organization to give the money to since they are helping children all over the state who are facing malnutrition. Many other students in choir are doing singing telegrams to help get more donations for the Alliance,” Brooks said.

With support from the community, family, and friends each of the choir groups performed successfully. Their raffle idea for helping children who are less fortunate than most, allowed them to show the importance of giving and what the holidays are about.


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