Famous song inspires movie: 'Last Christmas' rates average overall

When “Wham!” released their song “Last Christmas” in 1984, people all over became obsessed with the simple Christmas song that would soon become a staple of the season. However, this year Universal Pictures released “Last Christmas” the movie (based off of the song), and it was not treated with as much kindness as the song made 34 years prior.

Being a huge fan of movies myself, I knew I had to go see if it really was what people thought, so I took my friends to Cinemark Polaris 18 and XD on Nov. 16. Walking in, I didn’t have very high expectations because of what other reviewers said, but it was nothing like I thought it would be.

The movie was advertised as a romantic comedy and drama, but this was falsely advertised. Even though there was a romance in the plot itself, the movie mainly focused on the main character, Kate (played by “Game of Thrones” Emilia Clarke), and it showed her coming of age story.

Going along with this, the development of her character was done very well- but almost too fast. In a span of 10 minutes, she completely changed from a distressed and manic person to someone who somewhat had her life together. Despite this, the creators made her a genuine person by the end, and this is hard to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

The acting in the movie did not disappoint either; “Crazy Rich Asians” star Henry Golding played Kate’s love interest, Tom. Even though these actors came from very different cinematic genres, they somehow managed to create a lot of chemistry between the two, and their relationship was enough to make anyone envious.

However, the development of their relationship was a little unusual; it happened fairly quickly for a rom com. The characters didn’t have that many romantic interactions until the end, and honestly they got angry with each other the majority of the time. It was weird though because, despite this, they made viewers yearning for them to get together. There were other potential love interests for her, but it didn’t matter.

The plot of the movie was unexpected to say the least. The whole movie was pretty basic until the end; then there was a major twist.

Also, in the movie, Kate suffered from a heart disease when she was younger, and had to get a transplant. This was an important piece of the movie, and it could’ve given a lot more depth and drama. However, the creators didn’t really touch on it.

This development could’ve made the movie a lot more emotional, and it would’ve made viewers more attached to the characters.

However, “Last Christmas” did achieve the standard outline for a rom com: there were lots of cheesy moments. The creators didn’t make it uncomfortable though; there were moments that may be considered “cringy” but all in all, the cheesy moments helped make the movie much more like a romantic comedy, which it was struggling to do.

Overall, I would rate this movie a 3/5 stars. “Last Christmas” created an exceptional story, and the on-screen talents did a great job of making it effective and realistic. But, some moments were too fast or repetitive, and there was a lack of development. Nevertheless, I would still watch this movie again.


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