Coffee Club: Coffee and friends, the perfect blend

Hanging out with friends and drinking coffee are two things high school kids love to do. One place they get to do that is Coffee Club. Coffee Club is an after-school club that meets every few weeks at different coffee shops where students get to try some coffee and relax with their friends.

Coffee Club is new this year and is mostly student ran with the help of teacher and advisor, Taylor Sieve. Students pick different places around Columbus that are typically unheard of and set a date to meet and try their coffee.

“Coffee Club was started simply to get together and explore new shops around our area,” senior Matt Brady said.

Coffee Club allows for students to get together outside of school and just relax and be stress free. It’s a place to have fun, meet new people and drink some coffee.

Senior Katelin Shane said how much she loves going to Coffee Club, getting to share her knowledge about different types of blends and brews of coffee while being around her friends.

After everyone’s done drinking their coffee, they rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. Lots of places live up to their name with most students giving a high score each time.

“I always rate the coffee after I try it and have never given below a seven, it's always been very good no matter where we’ve gone,” Brady said.

Coffee Club is a fun, welcoming place that wants as many people as possible to come drink, and rate some coffee. Make sure to ask Mrs. Sieve or a Coffee Club member when and where the next club meeting is, or if there are any questions.


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