School starting later: Benefits of pushing back start time

I hear the infuriating ring of my alarm when it goes off at 6 a.m. every school day. That dreadful feeling of having to go to school when I'm sleep deprived feels like it’s never ending. Sitting in my first couple classes all I can think about is going back to bed. If only I had a few more hours to sleep before school started. I think school should start at a later time in the morning instead of 7:20 a.m. because if it did, kids would most likely be able to focus more in their classes, have better health and a better attendance record.

If school started later, kids would most likely be able to focus better in their classes. Students have a hard time paying attention in classes because it’s easy to zone off and lose focus when you’re tired. If students got more sleep, they would be more awake and more focused. Students would also start to get better grades in their classes because if they’re more focused they’re more likely to score better on tests.

Another reason school should start later is for students’ health benefits. According to American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it recommends that teenagers aged 13 to 18 years should regularly sleep eight to 10 hours per day for good health. Adolescents who do not get enough sleep are more likely to be overweight, not engage in daily physical activity, suffer from symptoms of depression, engage in unhealthy risk behaviors such as drinking, smoking tobacco, and using illicit drugs and perform poorly in school. When students aren’t getting enough sleep, it risks their health. If teens get the amount of sleep they need, their health would be highly benefited.

Lastly, if school started at a later time kids attendance records would be a lot better, and kids would stop getting detentions for being tardy. In the morning, a lot of teens aren’t getting enough sleep from staying up too late the night before studying for a big test or because of sports. Students wouldn’t have to worry about sleeping in or running behind if schools, or at least high school, got pushed back to a later starting time.

If school started later it would not only benefit the students, but it would benefit the teachers and staff as well. Everyone would be in a better mood ready to focus and learn. Teens would be able to focus more in class resulting in better grades, have better health and a better attendance record. Overall, it would be a great change for teens to perform better at school.


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