Trimming the tree of culture: Foreign language clubs come together

With the holidays quickly approaching, families all over are getting into the winter spirit by streaming lights and hanging ornaments on their trees. However, Orange is changing up the usual decorating festivities with a tree decorating contest hosted by French, German and Spanish club.

Members from every club gathered in the library on Dec. 5 to partake in this annual tradition. Everyone was divided into groups and ready to begin the event.

“The tree that you’re around is going to be the group you’re working with to decorate the tree. On this sheet of paper, you will be given a theme and that theme is supposed to be represented on your tree,” French Club adviser and teacher Larissa Sauder said.

Each group received a topic: food, monuments, sports, music and free choice. Everybody had around five minutes to brainstorm their tree and then 20 minutes to decorate.

“Use your phone and find some information and when you present your tree, you’re going to tell us the 10 things you put on. We have various materials you can use to decorate and you might have to get a little creative,” Sauder said.

Groups began to brainstorm their tree while others went to grab pipe cleaners, yarn and cotton balls to decorate. After a while, the trees were completed, and each group went around to share theirs.

“For our theme we had music and arts, so we have a sombrero and maracas for a mariachi band, an accordion for Germany, ballet slippers for France and then music notes all over because even though they are from all different places they are united through song,” sophomore Abby Schroff said.

After every group finished presenting, it was announced that all groups won, and the trees would be taken to the language hall to be shown off for the rest of the school.

“Because you all did such a wonderful job, we’re going to let you clean up your tables, but this was fun,” Sauder said.

This tree decorating competition was a fun way to prepare for the holiday season, and there will be many more later in the year. See the language teachers for more information on future club events.


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