Winter sports begin: Recreation team 'Primetime' prepares for season

The weather is turning bitter and cold, snow is beginning to fall and everyone is preparing for the long winter. Basketball season is upon us; not just any normal basketball season, the 2019-2020 rec team basketball season. Freshmen and sophomore boys compete against each other and juniors and seniors compete against each other to earn the championship title at the end of the season.

At the Westerville Recreation Center, all the boys are getting ready for the tough and long season ahead. One team in particular seems to be bringing some very good competition this year. That team goes by the name Primetime, a team full of juniors from the high school. It is even heard that they are possibly bringing another great competitor from Liberty.

“Primetime is full of boys who I consider my family, so I love being able to play basketball with them all. I can’t wait for this year’s season,” junior Colin Neighbor said.

Primetime is starting their season with practices every week building their team stronger and stronger until their first matchup in January.

The team is led by two boys, one who is a former Westerville rec league top scorer, Kyle Rinehart. Rinehart had a stellar 2018-2019 campaign. Alongside him is another junior from the high school, Graem Tipp. The rookie head coach, Joey Bowers, is very confident in leading this team to a championship victory.

Primetime has been making some big moves for this upcoming season. The team has two new former basketball players, Nate Hoang and Will Snyder. These new boys seem to be bringing all the competition for the new season this year. On Sat. Nov. 16, there was supposed to be a private scrimmage between Primetime and Slimeball, which is another fellow junior team. Unfortunately, the opposing team forfeited the game. This game was supposed to be only the beginning for Primetime, but now all they can do now is work harder and continue to get better.

“We are ready to take this season head on, and continue to get better together. I have confidence we got it in us to pull out a win,” junior Will Snyder said.

The boys seem confident in their team’s ability for the new season this year. The top three players on this team are Kyle Rinehart, Nate Hoang and Will Snyder. They are all very determined they will bring this team to a championship victory. This season is going to be long and tough, but these boys are doing everything they can to prepare and come out on top at the end of the season.


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