Veteran's Day: Celebrate Veteran's Day by going to school

The Olentangy district does not get Veterans Day off but in elementary school they have a Veterans breakfast where the children can have breakfast with their families and veterans. In middle school, they have an assembly to honor our Veterans. And, finally, in high school, they celebrate with the Veterans in the spring.

Veteran’s Day is held on the anniversary of the end of World War I and it was created to honor U.S. veterans and victims of all wars. This day is to celebrate loved veterans and fallen ones all around America.

Even though it’s important to honor veterans, school should still be in session on Veteran’s Day because of all the available learning opportunities to honor veterans.

Veteran’s Day isn’t a national holiday because it’s a federal holiday. A federal holiday is an authorized holiday that is recognized by the U.S. government. When federal holidays come, non-essential federal government offices are closed. Stock market trading is usually suspended and every federal employee is paid for the holiday even though they don't work.

Memorial Day is a national holiday to pay tribute to all who have passed while serving in the military. The district has this day off so it doesn't need Veterans Day off in addition to.

Some schools have the day off but most schools don't. If Olentangy had the day off, it would be more convenient towards the students and the families who have family members or friends who are veterans but for the families that don’t celebrate, it just gives the students a chance to stay home for no reason. Plus, most years, than none Veteran’s Day falls on a Monday or Sunday so families can just celebrate over the weekend.

Veteran’s Day in college is different because many of the students can be veterans themselves, but in high school that isn't possible unless a student is planning on joining the military after high school. Therefore the school day off for high schools, middle schools and elementary schools is pointless because college students can be impacted more by the day.

The district does have school because there are federal mandates placed upon the number of hours that a student must receive academic instruction. Holidays have no instruction; teacher professional development and other factors go into developing the academic calendar for the year.

The district needs a certain amount of days in a school year so it’s not very likely they will just give us another day off. In order for students to get Veterans Day off the district would have to take off a day from a different break. For example, take a day off for Veterans day and add a day onto school during spring break. It’s not completely necessary because it’s still the same amount of days off. Not to mention that would make students mad for taking a day off of their spring break.

The majority of the students are not attending Veteran's Day functions so the day off would just another day without school to them so they should remain in school and be able to learn about the importance of the holiday.

Having students remain in school would allow them to learn about the day, keep the same days off that they like, like winter and spring break and enjoy the day at school because after all, no school and being home by yourself can be pretty boring.

Colleges don’t acknowledge Veterans day and students still have school and almost all the jobs that aren’t federal so, kids having school off has no points because their parents and most family will still be working and their day off would truly have no purpose.

Students don’t need the day off because the breaks are perfect the way they are so why mess them up?


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