Shake Shack takes over: Famous burger chain lives up to hype

Shake Shack is a “roadside” burger joint serving foodies’ favorite fast foods in a comfortable sit-down setting. There are two Shake Shacks in the Columbus vicinity, with locations in the Short North (740 N. High Street, Columbus, OH, 43215), and at Easton (Easton Town Center 4005 The Strand West, Space 430, Columbus, OH, 43229).

While the location at Easton was the chain’s first ever location in Columbus, Shake Shack began as a stand-alone hot dog stand in Madison Square Park, New York. It’s now a chain of 63 restaurants world-wide. The location in Madison Square Park, originally began as a way to revamp the park and the popularity soared shortly after it’s opening, according to Shake Shack’s website.

Their menu has 5 different burgers, a single choice of a chicken breast, 3 different types of hotdogs, 11 different frozen custard flavors as well as different ways to mix a shake such as a malt, float or concrete. Customers also have a choice between cheese fries and original fries, and even breakfast sandwiches!

A friend, junior Truman Heilshorn, and I went to the Shake Shack at Easton at the end of September. We each got our own customized “shack burgers” as well as fries and frozen custard. Customers are able to customize a burger however they would like, which is what we did. Although, he topped his fries with nacho cheese and got a vanilla shake instead of the chocolate shake, I preferred.

We both agreed that the food was very tasteful. Their burgers were a good enough size to not make a mess, but still do the job. Along with the burgers, their fries were fresh, hot, and even better with cheese. The chocolate milkshake made the whole meal even better with it’s rich taste, especially when whipped cream is added. Heilshorn shared, “I wasn’t a huge fan of the chocolate, but the vanilla shake was amazing!”

The wait wasn’t very long either, having gone on a less busy weekday around 5pm, we were able to skip the rush and there was no line. Although one of the employees said on busier days, they have screens so customers can order ahead and not have to wait in a large line.

Shake Shack’s food is moderately cheap but can quickly add up when buying multiple items. A traditional Shack Burger or chicken breast runs around $7. Hot dogs, depending on their toppings, range between $4-$5. Fries are between $3-$4 depending on whether the foodie is feeling the cheese topping. Whether customers get a shake or just a scoop of ice cream, the price will vary between $3-$6.

Our overall experience was great, and their service was exceptional. While customers order, employees help by recommending what would complement the order. In addition, while employees clean the surrounding tables, they always make sure all the guests are enjoying their food and have no problems.

As much as they check if customers are satisfied with their food and service, Shake Shack is still a “stand-alone” restaurant, where guests are able to help themselves. I’d rate Shake Shack a 9 out of 10 shakes.


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