Senior nights at Orange: The effects of losing the senior class

Senior night is different depending on the sports team; some teams are announced on the field before their game starts and other teams have a party/dinner for the seniors. For teams like the girls tennis team, they celebrate after a match or practice with a dinner/ party outside of the school. For other teams like soccer, they announce all the seniors during the game and also celebrate after as well.

Each season, all sports have a night to celebrate the seniors. Some senior nights are more important to teams than others and different teams do different activities during senior night.

“I think it’s important because Orange soccer has been their family for three years, and we spend almost every day together so it is nice to have a day to honor them and everything they have done,” sophomore Maia Kaufman said.

Being a senior in the school is always exciting; they’re at the top of the grades and it’s their last year in high school. But, being a senior can also be a little stressful thinking about college and getting scholarships for sports.

“Senior night is a way for all of us to recognize the seniors who have done so much for the team,” Kaufman said.

Senior night is always a sad night for the players whether a senior or not. It is also very sad for the senior’s family members and the coach. If the athlete spent all four years of their high school career on the team, saying goodbye is always very hard.

“The hardest part about senior night is knowing that they won’t be there next year. Some of the girls I am really close friends with, and it’s sad to know they won’t be here next year,” junior Caroline Sproule said.

Celebrating the seniors must make them feel good to be recognized and to be able to have a night just for them.

“We celebrate senior night on the field before the game and then we have posters for the seniors in front of the stadium,” Kaufman said.

Each year losing more and more seniors hurts the team, because the team loses a bunch of valuable players. The team's performance may change throughout the years from getting new players and losing some players.

“There’s four seniors on varsity and through losing them we will probably lose a lot of depth to the team,” Sproule said.

Some years more seniors are lost than others, and some seasons are better than others because of it.

“This year is really important to me because its my sisters last year playing on the team. It’s really sad but it has also motivated both us to try and have the best season yet because it’s the last time we will ever be playing soccer again,” Kaufman said.

Each team has different days for their senior nights and senior night is normally toward the middle or end of the season.

“Senior night was on Sept. 26, and my favorite part was probably the senior roasts. Senior nights are important because it’s celebrating the seniors’ final year on the team,” Sproule said.


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