Cancer in Central Ohio: Effectiveness of resources for pediatric cancer

The state of Ohio has one of the lowest rates of diagnosis of pediatric cancer in the United States, according to Even with these lower chances of being diagnosed, it’s still extremely necessary to provide families with all of the resources they may need if their child has to face the hardship of fighting off cancer. Central Ohio has enough resources and organizations to help patients of pediatric cancer become cured.

Within Central Ohio, there are several different institutions in place that help treat kids with pediatric cancer. Nationwide Children’s Hospital is a very well-known hospital throughout the country because of the pediatric specialties it provides.

According to U.S. News, Children’s is rated No. 10 children’s specialties, which includes cancer. A number of doctors in the hospital specialize specifically in oncology so that cancer patients are able to get the care they need.

Children’s Hospital is also ranked No. 4 in the United States by U.S. News Rankings in children’s cancer hospitals. This superior rating is all thanks to the doctors who work at the hospital that put their patients’ needs seriously and work hard to cure the cancer.

The hospital treats a wide variety of different health related issues such as eating disorders, alcohol and substance abuse and many other issues. However, with pediatric cancer, there is a substantially higher amount of recognition that the hospital receives.

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Another resource for families who have a child battling cancer is the Childhood Cancer Family Connection (CCFC) program that focuses on kids within Central Ohio who are diagnosed with cancer. The program allows parents, as well as child cancer patients, to have a place where they are able to be encouraged through treatment and given free services that are vital for any family going through the same situation.

The program provides tutoring, scholarships, counseling, a mom’s retreat, and services for moms and dads, according to their website, Each of these services is free of charge and they enable the families dealing with cancer to have an outlet to talk about their stress or to get help from those who specialize in what they are dealing with.

CCFC states that they help the cancer patient, parents and siblings emotionally, educationally and socially. All of these elements are vital to help to care for a family dealing with cancer and it makes the intimidating task a little bit easier.

With the available resources, there is a strong knit community that is able to support those dealing with pediatric cancer. Without these support systems, it would make it even more difficult to find hope during a difficult time in life.

Overall, Central Ohio has a wide variety of resources for families dealing with pediatric cancer. Nationwide Children’s and the Childhood Cancer Family Connection are just a few of the resources available for people in the area.


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