Mistakes in scheduling: Hybrid in the middle of the day

The master schedule is driven by the number of students who select each class during scheduling each February. Therefore, with the increased number of students enrolled, class sizes and placements of classes throughout the day have evolved this year.

For students, it’s one thing to get all of the classes they originally preferenced but an added bonus to get the Hybrid classes to align with an early release or late arrival. Not all schedules will have everything the student wants or when they want it.

The best example comes with Hybrid English.

Hybrid is an English course that allows students to go home on certain days of the week so they can work at home. Working at home gives the students the availability to use their time wisely while in the comfort of their own room or house.

According to College Raptor, some benefits of hybrid classes is that face-to-face time is spent more effectively, multiple learning styles can be effective, more flexibility than traditional classes and they make great stepping stones to college level classes. Students take these courses because they enjoy having a class that better fits their lives and benefit their better thinking skills.

Hybrid is also more convenient because this allows students to be responsible and maximize their time wisely. This is also convenient because they don't have class some days which can give them a mental break.

This year hybrid was scheduled into the middle of the day. In this case the point of hybrid is basically useless. If the point of the class is to go home instead of sitting in a classroom then why are they not first or last period? The students also aren't allowed to leave during the day unless you have a late arrival or early release but some students don't have that so they can’t leave during hybrid on the off days.

This year for hybrid, I got placed in second period but I have a class before hand. This to me is annoying because i'm not able to leave and go get some food or work at home. The reason for me taking this class was so I would be able to wake up later or go home early but that wasn't possible for me. Although, it gives me and extra study hall so if I need help with the work I can just ask instead of waiting until the next day.

The assistant principal Garry Young was in charge of scheduling this year and he put hybrid the way he did because there was such a high amount of students trying to take this class but the teachers have other classes in the designated time frame/period.

It is also hard to schedule around students who go to DACC, STEM or College Credit Plus because they miss half a day of school so the classes they need and don't get at their trade school.

The school is looking at ways for next year to get the “bookend” of teachers days cleared so they can put use to Hybrid. It may also help to hire more teachers that can teach hybrid along with other classes.


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