Orange dances the night away at Prom

The high school hosted prom on Sat., April 27 at 7 p.m. in the Short North Ballroom at the Columbus Convention center for the juniors and seniors.

Every year, Junior Class Cabinet plans the dance. This year, they sold a total of 723 tickets.

“We had several student meetings where we got together to discuss the theme and things like what the decorations were going to be, and the kind of atmosphere and colors,” junior Class Cabinet advisor and Psychology teacher Rebecca Whitney said.

Class Cabinet decided on an enchanted forest theme after many meetings of planning and voting. They also hired an interior decorator from Z Creative named Tracie Zody.

"We formed an online vision board where we finalized decorations and we passed that vision board along to Z Creative. They then gave us a proposal of things they could actually bring for the dance,” Whitney said.

The biggest concern with this year was the fact that the high school’s population was growing, which is why Class Cabinet decided to change venues. Last year, the dance took place at Express Live.

“It was a much larger space and there were certain elements, such as the amount of stage area and dance floor, which students missed from last years prom. Last years prom had a bigger dance floor, but the venue was smaller,” Whitney said.

For food, Class Cabinet decided to just have small doughnuts, mainly because most people eat dinner before the dance.

“I was really excited to see our decorations come to life,” Junior Class Cabinet member Katelyn Pepper said. “Planning the dance was an amazing experience.”

Overall, the responses were positive pertaining to decorations and the overall atmosphere of prom.

“Prom was a fun night to be with friends!” senior Abby Steadman said. “We were able to dance the night away one last time before we graduate.”


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