A breakfast to remember

As the school year winds down, seniors celebrate the end of their high school careers with a multitude of events—one event being the Senior Pancake Breakfast where senior superlatives were announced. At this breakfast, seniors had to catch their freshly-cooked pancakes mid-air, and then received their respective superlatives and Latin honors.

“The breakfast was good, though seemingly a little disorganized. It was nice to just hang out with everyone and eat for a bit because it’s hard to gather everyone for a dinner or brunch on our own,” prom court member, winner of “Born in the Wrong Decade” superlative and senior Mekenzie Altman said.

The superlatives, which were voted on by students earlier in the school year, were awarded during the breakfast as well. Some of the superlatives awarded included “Biggest Debated,” given to Yusra Shegow, “Best Smile,” given to Taylor Houston and “Teacher’s Pet,” which was given to Naman Patel, according to Altman.

For some, the breakfast represented a special moment for not just students, but everyone that helped get them to where they are. Some students in National Honor Society received letters from their parents along with their stoles that were touching.

“My favorite part was receiving the letter from my mom because it was such a sweet sentiment,” senior Kyleigh Noble said.

However, the breakfast had a few mishaps that may need to be corrected for next year. For instance, the packet containing the Latin honors recipients had students from 2018’s graduating class for the awards of Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude instead of the class of 2019. A new list is expected in the upcoming days. Also, some felt the breakfast itself could have some improvements made for next year.

“I think organization was a bit of an issue this year. The lines for the National Honor Society stole and letter became combined with the line for the pancakes, which made actually receiving my stuff very difficult,” Noble said.


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