Swim and dive falls to Dublin Jerome

Friday, Dec. 14, the swim and dive team went up against Dublin Jerome for their third swim meet of the season. They ended up losing the meet to the Celtics.

“Despite the fact that we were beat by Jerome, I would say it was overall a good experience because we came together as a team to support each other,” senior Alice Crowe said.

While the team lost overall, some standout members succeeded in their own events.

“My best race that day was was the 400 relay, I ended dropping two seconds on my time for the 100 freestyle so I was really proud of that.” Senior Agalia Chrisofi said.

The dive team also did extremely well, with senior Luke Cheatham coming in first place. The team hopes to improve for its next meet on Friday, Dec. 21. According to Crowe, they need to work on their stroke technique in order to improve times for the future.

One of the most notable moments during the meet was when the team encouraged each other during the 500 freestyle event, which is the longest race to be held at a swimming event, at a total of 20 laps.

“(A standout moment) was probably when we crowded at the end of the pool to cheer for everyone doing the 500 freestyle.” Chrisofi said.

The team has been preparing for these meets since November by practicing about four times a week in hopes to improve time. Before the meet the team gets warmed up and excited for their races, according to Christofi.

“Usually the practice before, we talk about the meet and what to expect and get hyped up,” Christofi said. “We did a good job of staying hyped up all meet we were having a lot of fun together and cheering for each other instead of sitting on our phones or something else. It kept moral and made this meet one of our most fun.”


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