Girls basketball faces off against Westerville Central

Girls basketball went up against Westerville Central on December 14th in a tight, high-pressure game. Although they were ahead by halftime, the pioneers ended up faltering the lead with the game ending 52-37. However this doesn’t overshadow the quality gameplay that took place.

In the first quarter, junior Riley Duff scored a three pointer that set the team on track to take the lead. Junior and team captain Anna Grabau made two rebounds and a two-point shot, closing out the first quarter with Central in the lead by one point, 10-9.

“We’ve been working hard this season and I know we’re coming together as a team,” Grabau said.

Senior Maddie Felchlin started the second quarter with a three pointer. Lauren Perone also made two three pointers and got a rebound in the second quarter, tipping the scale for Orange in the lead. With four minutes on the clock, junior Madi Riley, made a dive for possession, giving Orange the opportunity to score two more points. The quarter ended with the Pioneers in the lead, 19-18.

Duff made a two pointer at the start of the third quarter followed by a two pointer by Grabau. Junior Maddie Erikson shot a two pointer that put Orange in the position to take the lead. In addition, Duff made a 2 pointer and got a rebound, placing Orange nine points behind Central at the end of the quarter, 36-27.

“The game was tough but we held our own and made some good plays.” Duff said.

Perone was the lead scorer for the team, scoring 14 points in total by the end of the game. During the fourth quarter she made two three pointers and a prompt repossession into a two pointer that put the team at 37 points. Riley also made a two pointer as well, finishing the game at 52-37.

The girls basketball season is far from over and many hope the team will continue to grow and improve throughout the season.


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