Rising college prices necessitate more scholarships

In today’s society, it seems that everyone goes to college and that it’s the standard. This has given way to all kinds of scholarships being available to high school graduates that range from full ride athletic scholarships to a tall person scholarship. We think it’s

important to take advantage of these scholarships and also support the idea of having even more of them.

College is becoming increasingly expensive, so these scholarships would provide students with the extra financial support they need. There are many unusual scholarships that makes us wonder why and how these scholarships came about. The Asparagus Club scholarship is available for students to get $8,000 over four semesters for people going into the food management service, according to scholarships.com. The parameters for this scholarship are very specific and only for a select few eligible people.

According to the College Board, the price of private universities as well as public universities have gone up since the 2008-09 school year to the current 2018-19 school year. For private schools, the price has risen from $28,440 to $35,830 per year, and the priceof public schools has risen from $7,560 to $10,230 per year.

This increase in price makes the scholarshipsthat may sound weird or unusual more valid, and we believe they should be increasingly offered to help college become more affordable. Additionally, these scholarships are helpful because of the way they promote people getting involved in the community or showing off how unique they are.

Basic academic scholarships do not show off how special each person is. Each person that gets one of the weird or wacky scholarships is showing their university that they are unique, and no one else is like them.The weird and wacky scholarships are helping many students pay for the increasing price of college and work to help eliminate student loans, even if just a little.


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