German Club hosts 'Kaffee und Kuchen' event

German Club hosted a meeting after school on Dec. 11 with games, friendly conversation and lots of hot cocoa. Club adviser Kelly Jessup oversaw the meeting and was rather happy with the turnout.

Ever since Jessup started teaching at OOHS five years ago, she has kept the German Club alive. For her, it’s the connections made through German Club that make organizing events throughout the year worth it.

“I love seeing students come to a German Club event and watch them hangout with someone new,” Jessup said.

This German Club event, along with the others already held this year, such as Oktoberfest and the German Honors Society Induction, have indicated a steady rise in the participation of students in the German program.

“The quality leadership shows in the increase of members at activities,” Jessup said.

The event, held on December 11th in Jessup’s room, brought in many students from all different levels of German. President and senior Caesar Schanzenbach, along with other cabinet members senior Sophia Rores and senior Rasesh Kunduru, created an itinerary designed to allow students to become closer.

“Kaffee und Kuchen [coffee and cake] was a fun event in which we could learn more about each other in German Club,” Schanzenbach said.

Kaffee und Kuchen provided an environment where students could relax and take their minds off of the looming week of exams ahead. Most importantly the event promoted the use of the German language in a more laid-back atmosphere than the typical language class.

“I believe German Club humanizes the language, giving it practicality and meaning. It’s a nice motivator for continued study of this language,” Schanzenbach said.

Students participate in German Club events for a variety of reasons, whether it be the food, the games, the speaking practice, etc. However, no matter the differences students have for showing up it is almost guaranteed that the ones who do share their love for German class and the language itself.

“With German Club as a common interest it’s amazing to see students become friends with someone they may have thought they had nothing in common with,” Jessup said.

German Club officers and Jessup hope that German Club continues to grow and to promote more students to take the language.

“I hope that it continues to encouraging students to continue learning the German language and about German culture. I hope I help leave a lasting impression on Orange’s German program as well,” Schanzenbach said.


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