Orchestra hits the right note at winter concert

Photos by Angelica Dzodzomenyo and Julie Kilpatrick

On December 6th, the Pioneer orchestras held a concert for family members and people in the community. Featuring a wide variety of musical genres and four different orchestras, all varying in ability of its participants, the evening created a magical atmosphere, showcasing the hard work of Orange’s young musicians.

Concert orchestra, comprised of sophomores, juniors and seniors, kicked off the show with three pieces. The group played an upbeat song called “Skyfire,” then a lyrical piece called “St. Anthony’s Chorale” and ended with “The Bells of Christmas”, a song that features “Jingle Bells,” "Silver Bells” and finally, “Ukrainian Bell Carol.”

“It was a great musical experience to kick off December and the holidays,” junior Nina Marin said. Marin is a part of the concert orchestra.

Next, Sinfonia took the stage. This group is an audition group that primarily plays class “B” music. This group played “For Unto Us,” “Mariposa” and “To Tame The Raging Rapids.” During the concert, Director Lori Cornett set the background of their final piece. The song represents two friends lost at sea, admiring the beauty of the water from their raft, yet acknowledging the danger and risk also presented by the endless ocean.

The last string group to perform was the Chamber Orchestra. This group is also an audition group, although much smaller and more rigorous than any of the other groups. They opened with “Sinfonia No. 2,” a high energy piece, and then slowed it down with “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” Finally, the group concluded with “Orion And The Scorpion.”

Lastly, the Sinfonia and Chamber orchestras reunited with the Wind Ensemble, adding up to an estimated 100 participants, and together, they performed “Sleigh Ride,” a holiday classic, complete with accents of percussion.

“Our orchestra played really well and the concert helped us start preparing for contest in a couple of months,” sophomore Tim Hammond said.

The orchestras will perform at the OMEA contest next semester as their major competition.


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