Taking a peek at 2018's hottest horror movies

To make sure you’ve been creepin’ it real this spooky October, I checked out the hottest horror movies of 2018. And boy oh boy do I got boos for yo, do you have the guts to watch these films?

‘The Nun’

The Nun is the definition of a creepy movie. The sad thing is it lacked a solid plot and I’m still confused on what actually happened. According to The Warner Bros “A young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania takes her own life, and a priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Together they uncover the order's unholy secret. Risking not only their lives but their faith and their very souls, they confront a malevolent force in the form of [a] demonic n”.

Unlike most horror films, there were very few scenes in the movie that weren’t absolutely horrifying. One of the jumpscares was so terrifying I genuinely ended up in tears. Because of this, I had my eyes closed most of the time and couldn’t follow the movie plot. The characters were very captivating and realistic though. The acting wasn’t cheesy or overdone and the suspenseful scenes were very creepy.

The Nun receives a three out of five pumpkins because it was a little too scary to actually follow the plot.

‘A Quiet Place’

A Quiet Place was exactly what it sounds like. If viewers didn’t know already, there is almost no dialogue in the entire film. The film follows the Abbott family with a mother, father and three children. When monsters come to earth, they search out prey that is too loud. Therefore, the Abbotts are at an advantage because one of their daughters is deaf. So they can already communicate in sign language.

There were a few jump scares but most were very predictable. The actual plot and details included in the movie most definitely makes up for the lack of dialogue. All the details tie together very well. Unfortunately, the end was left on a cliffhanger. It ended right at the beginning of a new action scene with the mother cocking a shotgun ready to fight monsters who invaded the house. Overall, the movie was thrilling, creepy,emotional and suspenseful.

A Quiet Place receives a four out of five pumpkins because the plot and details made the movie very captivating, and the overall quality and scene structure was good.

‘Truth or Dare’

Truth or Dare was a simple kids game typically played at middle school parties with Capri Suns and potato chips crunched all over the floor. Then, film director Jeff Wadlow, who also directed “Non Stop” with star Liam Neeson, turned it into the ultimate “Jumanji” of horror movies. The game of telling one’s most embarrassing secrets or completing a ridiculous dare is brought to life in the motion picture “Truth or Dare” when a group of teenagers take part in this game. But there’s a catch, if the player doesn’t complete the dare, or tell the truth, they die.

One word to describe this movie would be plain. It was a very typical horror movie, built with the same “template,” per say, of many other films. The idea overall was unique but the storyline and climatic scenes seemed to lack originality. The few jump scares took place usually around the death of a player and were almost comical because of the high predictability and lack of creativity and effective suspense.

"Truth or Dare” receives a saddening one and a half out of five pumpkins due to mainly the fact that the movie was an average horror movie- the characters make dumb decisions and die because of such choices.


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