Welcome to the Pit: Introducing the rowdiest leaders in Central Ohio

Fans stand shoulder to shoulder, jumping up and down, quickly realizing they’ve lost their voice from cheering for their classmates on a Friday night. The white board goes up with the words “Let's go D!”, the student section chants simultaneously and yet very few people think of everything that goes into keeping the student section spirit alive.

Photo by Julie Kilpatrick

Each year, the Pioneer Pit, the student section at football games, gets new leaders to help the Pioneer fans show their support.

This year’s student section leaders are Brooklynn Miller, Nolan Brooks and Zach Boyce. These three seniors were elected by the student body via a twitter poll last year.

Each year the leaders set goals and have ideas that they want to become part of the Pioneer Pit, and this year is no exception. A popular tradition is the entire student section running down to the bell to celebrate when the football team wins.

“Our goal for this year is to have the loudest, rowdiest and most fun student section,” Brooks said.

Student section leaders have looked up to the previous leaders in the past and are selecting the most fun events and cheers to continue. Advice from last year’s leader has made the transition much easier.

“Kyle Kufrin, last year's leader, sent all the leaders a huge thing on the important things to know and ways to make leading easier for us. It can get stressful because there are so many events to go to, but he said as long as you have a positive attitude, people will follow what you do and support it,” Miller said.

This year there are some restrictions on what the leaders had in mind, and some ideas will be altered to be approved by administrators.

“This year we will not be throwing powder like in previous years because it caused problems with the band. The powder got in their instruments, so we have to improvise and find other things like the balloons we did the first week. We also are going to buy food for tailgates, body paint, glow sticks, water bottles and other things we think will be fun!” Miller said.

The current leaders have also made it a priority to go to as many different sporting events as they can. They are trying to get more people from the school to each sporting event to make each fan base bigger.

“Our goal is to make it to every team’s sporting events; I know that will be difficult, but we will get to each sport at least once,” Brooks said.

One of the biggest aspects of the student section is not just the chants or the games themselves. The themes may be more fun for some people than the actual games.

“We are keeping the themes similar because there are a lot of favorite that we hoped to hit, but there are themes like “black out” we had to take out by request from Mr. Weaver. We have a new theme this year, but we don’t want to state it yet. Stay tuned Week 6!” Miller said.


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