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The Courier is the school’s student-run publication. The magazine is created by student writers, designers and editors; from the brainstorm process, to writing stories, to editing, it’s completely produced by the school’s upperclassmen. The Courier is also an official forum, meaning we have no prior review by the principal.

Staying up to date and informed about events going on in the world around us can be difficult for busy high school students. Our driving purpose is to cover important and current global events through relatable and relevant perspectives that show the effect on the school and students.

New to the Courier this year is a section titled “broader scope”. This is our cover story section, and its purpose is to give our readers a greater/broader understanding of the world around them. Another main goal we will be focusing on this year is to cover more local events.

Although each high school in the district produces its own monthly magazine, the Courier is a unique publication. The ideas and perspectives produced by our staff differ from those that can be found elsewhere in the community. The Courier strives to create original, thought provoking and entertaining content for readers.

The magazine also provides an outlet for our staff to express their opinions and have a voice in the community. The Courier staff is comprised of a very diverse group of students, which is an advantageous concept for readers. This provides the Courier with the ability to produce differing viewpoints on various topics and stories.

One notion many students may not be aware of is their ability to write a letter to the editor. A letter to the editor is something that allows any student that wants to get involved in the magazine to do so through doing exactly what it sounds like: writing a letter to the editors of the Courier regarding any issues of concern. The letter would then be published in the following issue of the magazine.


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