Meme relevancy: Exploring the relevancy of memes at OOHS

Infographic by Caroline Schattschneider

In today's society, with the advancement of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, more people have started a trend called memes. They range from joking about the current political scene to youtubers. As time goes by, some get overused worn out, or even forgotten. Of course, people have opinions of their favorites and when they’re truly irrelevant.

As relevant as memes are, as time goes by they slip out of the minds of the teens. “I mean most memes until like 10 days of me seeing them I don’t like” sophomore, Doren Johansen, gives his a opinion on when memes are irrelevant to him.

The meme culture is very relevant among the youth and like most things, memes die out. But why do they die out?

“ Because people make more funny ones and then we forget about the old ones. Sophomore, Lyndsey Griffin said.

The advancement of social media and kids having more times on their hands gives them more time to express themselves and trying to top one another. As people make more, the cycle goes on and on; once a new one gets created another one will die out. But why are there so many?

“Some people can’t deal with the world so we use humor as a defense mechanism.” sophomore, Erin Kelly said in response of why we make memes and why they are popular.

The range of memes goes from innocent to problematic being based on current events, celebrities and politics figures and topics.

In an unscientific survey 50 students were interviewed about the most popular memes since their first existence; they include, Willy Wonka, Rick Roll’d, vine memes, James Charles and SpongeBob.

Out of 50 people, the lowest vote with zero votes was the Rick Roll’d vine which was based off Rick Astley's song; Never Gonna Give You Up. The next two were tied with three votes. The memes tied were the Willy Wonka and SpongeBob memes. The next meme with 12 votes were the vine based memes. The winner was James Charles slogan of “sister” memes with 32 votes.

But why is saying sister so popular? “because it’s funny and people start saying it to be ironic but then the more you say it the more it just becomes part of your daily vocabulary” Lyndsey Griffin said.

In the end, one never really knows which trends are going to be big or die really quickly but it does help if its short or has a connection to the people. It is short and easy to remember makes a meme more relevant but as time goes by trends die out. Memes and trends become irrelevant and people will end up forgetting about them and that's very sad but people have to keep creating new ones.


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