Unrecognized underdogs: Junior varsity teams work just as hard, get less recognition than varsity

Photo by Abby Robinson

Throughout high school, there are many athletic teams to join. Some more popular than the other, yet for each of the sports, there is a varsity and a junior varsity team. Everyone’s goal is to make varsity. There’s a few benefits, even if it’s the same sport, with the same rules.

The varsity team is mainly picked based on skill set and experience. However, that doesn't mean that the junior varsity team is bad at all, sometimes they will put people they couldn't fit onto the junior varsity. There is much potential and plenty of good players on the junior varsity team.

Most people assume a player’s skill level based on the team they make. When the team they make individually benefits their different types of play, the amount of effort and hard work each person gives truly shows how good a player is.

Freshman and varsity field hockey player Sammy Myers said,“If someone who puts a lot of work in compared to someone who doesn’t really care as much in the end, the person who works hard will end up being better,” It’s more about perseverance and working hard than just being able to play well. As long as the athlete is doing their absolute best and working to get better, they’re already a good player and should keep it up.

Another difference between varsity and junior varsity is the amount of credit and support either of them get. Usually, the junior varsity team doesn’t get as much credit as the varsity team, even if they practice just as hard, according to Nora Matyac, a freshman soccer player and member of the junior varsity blue team, “Not very many people come to watch [our] games, except family and sometimes close friends, which can be kind of irritating since we put a lot of effort and time into practicing and playing,” Matyac said, “I feel like we just get ignored or degraded, while the varsity teams get all the attention.” The lack of support and care for some of these teams can lead to players not trying as hard and ruining the whole experience for others.

In conclusion, junior varsity puts in just as much work as varsity does. They shouldn’t be belittled or ignored, instead they should be given the credit and support deserved. Also, there’s not a massive difference between varsity and junior varsity, it's still the same sport, the only major difference is how much credit you receive for your work and effort.


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