Practice makes perfect: High school dating prepares students for reality

Your soulmate could be sitting right next to you in fourth period biology. As high schoolers, sometimes dating and having a significant other takes over minds, but gaining relationship experience can have positive results as well. It's good to start dating in high school because teens gain experience so that when they’re older and actually do start dating they already know their expectations and what they want in a relationship. Some people tend to think that dating only distracts you from what you really should be focusing on at the time which is school, and your future. There won't be any “what if’s” later in life. People only have the chance to go through high school once. Of course you could have regrets of things you did do, but no one wants to have any regrets after they graduate, or wonder what could have happened if they had talked to that one person. High school students always could use another shoulder to lean on. Especially during the stress of high school, having a significant other can help one cope because they will be there for them through all the pointless high school drama. Some people might say well, isn’t that what friends are for? Yes, but fake friends are also a very common thing in high school, jealousy, popularity, and reputations. 80 percent of teens are in a relationship at least once in their four years of high school, according to Some people think that we are still too young and immature to deal with grown up things like being in a relationship. High school is the time to date because everyone grows up fast and so many adults advise students to treasure these four years.

According to MEL Magazine, 19 percent of adults are high school sweethearts. High school relationships may not always last more than two years, but it’s good to know what one wants when it's time for more serious dating.

Keeping a relationship private and not oversharing on social media is one of the best ways to keep a relationship going, according to Dating in high school helps teens realize this. Oversharing about one’s relationship can be annoying to people, or they could be jealous of what someone has.

Maybe it’s less drama to just be single. However, everyone will have drama anyway, so forget what others think and just live your life.

Infographic by Abby Fulton


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