The president doesn't pick the next president

The royal family ruled all of Britain until 1918 when the Representation of the People Acts were enacted, according to BBC. Needless to say, monarchy is outdated.

However, there has been a debate about the ethics and policies regarding student section leaders. Olentangy High School’s “The Beacon” touched on the sexism plaguing their student section, but I’m here to talk about government.

Our current student section leaders, seniors Kyle Kufrin and Carson Briggs, have recently come under fire for their indecisiveness about how next year’s leaders will be chosen. They have gone back and forth about whether to decide the fate of the Pioneer Pit or letting the students vote. In years past, there has been a poll on Twitter where the student body gets to decide who they think will be best fit for the role. However, this year that right to vote was taken away.

Now, there may not be a clause in the Pioneer Constitution that says the student body has the right to vote, but nobody died and left the current student section leaders kings. They, just like the others, were voted into ‘office.’ The president just doesn’t have the righ

The reason for their decision to pick our new leaders for us is because they felt “there was no combination of people that could plan and lead the rowdiest student section in Ohio” to the degree they are looking for. But, “If we do end up having people come forward that we think would best be suited for the job, we'd be more than willing to look into the possibility of having a poll so that the students do in fact have a say,” Kufrin said.

Now what qualities are they looking for in a person to lead the “rowdiest student section in Ohio?” That boils down to their ability to “continue the role of being Olentangy’s big brother.” The student section leaders labeled Olentangy High School as our “little sister” because of our two-year streak of beating them in football.

Along with the current leaders’ expectations to “continue making them feel like the little sister that they are,” they are also looking for “people who can keep up with the other sections in the area as well, and that means they need to live a ‘for the boys’ lifestyle and wake up each and every morning ready to lead the section by example.”

For the boys or for the girls too? How about for everyone? In selecting a student section leader, there should be specific attributes that the candidates should possess, not based on hatred of a rival school. There should also be no discrimination based on anything especially gender.

Labeling our ‘superior’ teams and student section as ‘big brother’ to ‘little sister’ Olentangy suggests that men are superior to women. But despite this, the leaders have assured that they in no way will discriminate against females in the selection process and they “will never provide the privilege of being student section leader to a female just because they're a female. Same goes for males,” Kufrin said.

However, their motive for deciding who gets to lead us next year when they won’t even be attending high school is unclear.

The way the student section leaders considered taking the fate of the incoming seniors into their hands is completely unfair. In selecting new student section leaders, there should be some sort of audition or application process to see who is best fit for the role. Because the current student section leaders are seniors and will no longer have stake in the game, it should be up to the student body to select next year’s student section leaders. Otherwise it is nothing more than a popularity contest or who sucks up to the current leaders the most. After all, it is called the ‘student section.’


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