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The upbeat music is playing, the chat is rolling and hearts are pumping wildly out of their chests. This is it, the moment that out of millions, one person could walk away with a life changing amount of money. Then, Scott’s face appears, and joyfully declares, “Hello, HQties!”

HQ Trivia is a mobile game that allows players to compete against thousands of people from virtually anywhere. It is the app that brings the game show to the user, and even provides a chance for ordinary trivia nerds to win thousands of dollars.

HQ is free for both Android and IOS users, with weekday games at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m., and weekend games at 9 p.m. only. The prize amount differs based on the day, and the amount of players that can win differs as well. Most days the prize is split between many players, but occasionally the questions continue until there is only one player remaining.

Players are given 10 seconds to answer multiples choice questions, each with three options each. The host of the show, Scott Rogowsky, reads the questions and recaps answers in real time.

However, due to the large amount of people that play each session, HQ players are often subject to glitches in the app, which may take away their chance at winning. “I love the setup of the game, but sometimes it gets glitchy since so many people play at once and that can get annoying,” senior Jhanvi Garg said.

Despite the glitches, thousands of people still play every day, with more than two million people playing one Sunday night for a chance to win $50,000, according to With the continued increase in prize value, players find it more enticing to play the 15 minute game.

“HQ is more addictive than most games that I normally play. It’s always fun to see if you know random bits of trivia that other people don’t know, and to be honest, the prospect of getting money just because you know weird facts is pretty exciting,” junior Lindsay Uhrich said.

Although HQ does not seem as though it would be profitable because it has given away over $1 million since October 2017, it is making a profit. HQ is sponsored by brands such as Nike and Warner Brothers, according to It recently made a deal with the company that produced the movie “Rampage.”

On Wednesday, April 11, a $300,000 round of HQ was hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a part of the “Rampage” deal. The 83 winners walked away with $3,614.45, which is one of the largest amounts given away at one time.

Even if the players do not earn money, they are still eager to compete. “I play HQ because honestly some of the questions they ask are super interesting, and also it’s fun to see how far I am able to get,” Garg said.

Overall, HQ is an entirely new and unique trivia game that shows a willingness to continue to evolve with its players.

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