'Heathers' will be 'to die for'

The high school is performing the play version of “Heathers”, similar to the 1988 drama of the same name. This killer thriller will take place in April at the high school. Heather Chandler, played by junior Miranda Edgar, was accidentally poisoned by Veronica Sawyer, played by junior Sophia Reza.

Veronica Sawyer was a loser in the eyes of all the popular cliques in high school, at first. Her senior year, she hit it off with the biggest, most powerful clique at Westerberg High: the Heathers. Veronica begins to fall head-overheels for the new kid, J.D. (junior Cole Ichida), but the leader of the Heathers, Heather Chandler (Miranda Edgar) is not fond of this new romance. Heather kicks Veronica out of the popular clique, leaving Veronica two options: fall back to being a loser, or taking Heather Chandler down.

Director Cathy Swain-Abrams held auditions for the play back in December for it to take place in the spring.

“I thought there was no way we’d ever do it. Over the summer, then, I realized that a high school edition was made available, and that’s when I started looking into it,” Swain-Abrams said, “We had to talk to administration as well.”

The chemistry and connection on stage between the actors of the characters is something unpredictable and it just depends on how the people on stage work together, according to Swain-Abrams.

“We start walking through blocking scenes, which means planning where people are going to enter from and how our movements are going to be and, then we get into the choreography,” Edgar said, “then we start adding in things like props, costumes, tech, the set and lighting, and then it all comes together at the end.”

Behind the scenes, the drama team is much more than just a group that bonds on stage through dancing, singing and acting. There is so much brought into the musical that it is relatable to real life, according to Swain-Abrams.

“I think the musical is really diverse with the people that it brings in. For plays, it’s usually just the regular theater people, but for musicals it brings in a lot of different people who find it interesting and want to participate,” Edgar said.

For all the magic that takes place on stage, each member of the theater department has to be present, healthy and put extensive hours into rehearsals. Reza, a.k.a. Veronica Sawyer, has dedicated countless hours to the play, anywhere from 12 to 24 hours a week after school.

“We spend about two months rehearsing, which generally just means adopting and becoming our characters, practicing scenes, getting the stage ready and just doing our best to put on a good performance,” Reza said, “The fatigue of working for hours just catches up to you and it’s like the end of the world when you realize just how much homework you still have to do.”

The play runs April 26-29. The Thursday through Saturday shows will be at 7 p.m. and the Sunday show is at 2 p.m.

Illustration by Gwen Throckmorton


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