An afternoon full of eating, purring and loving

A few members of the Courier staff, senior Maeve O’Boyle, junior Livie Mauger and I, took a trip downtown to Eat, Purr, Love: A cat cafe in located in Clintonville, at 3041 Indianola Ave. near downtown Columbus on Feb. 16 during the long weekend.

Photo credit by Livie Mauger and Maeve O'Boyle

When visitors first walk into the cafe, there is a separate room (divided by windows) for the cats and a place to order food and turn in a waiver (note that visitors must have a parents signature if they are under the age of 18 and must be with someone at least 18 years or older).

The menu consists of organically-made treats including cupcakes, cookies, muffins, granola, brownies and more. Coffee is freshly brewed with locally roasted beans along with the option of tea and hot chocolate. I had a carrot cake cupcake with coffee and I would highly recommend. Overall, I thought the food was fairly priced and extremely delicious, especially being that they make the goodies with all organic ingredients. Muffins are $3.50, cupcakes are $4 and cookies are $2.50.

If a customer does not wish to purchase food that is also an option; they can just come for the cats.

Once the waivers are done and the food is purchased, visitors have an hour (or longer at a rate of $10 an hour) to spend with the cats! The cats are all from Columbus Humane Society and are available for adoption by anyone.

The entire atmosphere is very uplifting and calm, with happy music in the background, cat climbing toys around the cat room and comfy furniture around for kitty snuggles. There is also coloring pages with crayons on some of the tables to relax one’s mind while enjoying the time with the cats.

The overall process is easy if the visitors are 18 or older: go in, sign a waiver, purchase goodies and hang out with kitties! Being a minor makes it a tad more difficult due to the need of a parent’s signature and the necessity of someone of age present. Because we had a reservation, it was easy to come in with signed waivers and walk to the front of the line.

I would highly recommend this cafe for a fun afternoon downtown. It is easiest to schedule a reservation on their website a few days before, so schedule a fun afternoon out with your friends and spread some love to homeless cats! Visit their website for more information or to schedule a reservation.


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