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The high school tennis season can be divided into three main parts: pre-season, in-season and post-season. Whether you're planning for the upcoming year, playing matches or looking to develop year-round content once the season has concluded, there are many clubs to play at and training all year with a personal trainer or coach or on your own.

Most people who play high school tennis season end up playing year round at either a country club or tennis club like Wickertree Tennis Club or New Albany Country Club. There are private lessons given, which are one-on-one with a coach or there are clinics with a big group ofpeople. Coaches give directions and try to improve players’ tennis games to see if they use incorrect form, attitude and practice routine.

“I like off season better because I’m not a fan of playing matches every week and during season. We basically have matches or practice matches every day, and I get more practice in during off season when I’m on my own and have my personal coach to help me,” sophomore Hannah Logan said.

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Tournaments are also year round, which helps improve players’ strength and endurance. This is perfect match play for players not in season and it prepares them for the upcoming season, whether it’s districts or states. There are tournaments in about every state, so some players play local and some like to travel to other states for harder competition.

“During off season I like getting matches in to get ready for the upcoming tennis season and it’s good practice to play against a variety of people. I usually have a tournament every other weekend, which is either local or out of the state,” freshman at New Albany high school Ryan Mudre said.

Depending on the person and the type of practice and training they want to get in, there are many different ways to put in these reps before, after, and even during the tennis season.

“To prepare for the high school season, I try to play a lot inside and outside and workout to make sure I’m ready for what’s to come,” Mudre freshman at New Albany high school said.


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