Clowny Browns looking for a crown

The Cleveland Browns are known as being the biggest joke in all of professional sports. They have won a whopping one game in two years and botched numerous trades and have failed in too many drafts to count. It also seems like they can’t even get their staff right, with the way the franchise replaces it every few years or so. The team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2002.

Hopefully that’s all going to change in the upcoming years. If the Browns get the right players for the team and some fantastic free agents.

Illustration by Tyler Ross

These next few months in the offseason are going to be critical for the Browns’ future because this is their best chance to sign better players. They are already off to a good start, as the Browns will have the first and the fourth picks in the upcoming draft. They have a large amount of cap room to sign several marquee free agents.

The Browns seem constantly dysfunctional with management always changing. They went out and hired a new general manager, John Dorsey, and they also picked up former Steelers Offensive Coordinator, Todd Haley. However, they managed to retain some stability by keeping Head Coach Hue Jackson, according to the Washington Post.

With Jackson only winning one game in the past two years, people might be skeptical about keeping him. But the team’s losing streak was not necessarily all of Jackson’s fault; he was left with a defective roster and had to make do with what he had. If the Browns can get the right quarterback and finally put some money in free agents, they can be successful.

Dorsey, the new general manager, has experience building winning teams through the draft. He has a history of success, including two Super Bowl wins under his belt. In the past, the Browns have been known to not spend money for high-caliber free agents. But under this new management that will hopefully all change for the better.

Another problem with the Browns is that they desperately need help with their defensive line. The team’s secondary is absolutely appalling, and it will probably want to take a defensive player with the fourth pick. In fact, most mock drafts favor them selecting Alabama’s Minkah Fitzpatrick, according to Jabrill Peppers played almost all of the past season in the wrong position and performed under expectations, but he will be switching back to safety next season. Conversely, No. 1 pick DE Myles Garrett did extremely well in his rookie campaign and is already one of the best players on the roster.

While the Browns have failed miserably in the draft for the past two decades, that can all be changed if they take the one of the two Los Angeles-based quarterbacks with the first overall pick; Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen. While both players have been labeled as franchise players with great potential, Rosen has already implied in interviews that he doesn’t want to play for Cleveland. This means Darnold will most likely be the first pick for the Browns. For all we know, they could decide to roll the dice on Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen.

“This team is set up for a long run of success,” LT Joe Thomas said. He has spent his first 11 seasons with Cle

veland and has the chance to opt out of his contract this offseason or retire. Either of those would be a hard blow to the team because he is one of the best offensive linemen in the entire league.

The Browns will have nearly $60 million in cap space for the next two years. Success may not come right away, but they will definitely start improving

gradually. They have an entirely new front office that knows

what it takes to be successful.


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