An eight-team playoff is the way to go

Having an eight-team playoff would eliminate most of college football’s biggest problems. The four team system is simply not working out, and it is time to expand again. Eight teams are by far the best option for expansion, and the NCAA has a lot of things to consider when it adopts a new system: shortening the regular season, keeping or getting rid of conference divisions and the criteria for being a playoff team.

An eight-team playoff works out for all involved. The teams in the playoffs will be the Power Five conference champions [Big Ten, SEC, ACC, Big 12, Pac-12] and three at-large teams. Once the NCAA decides to expand a few years from now, all of the conferences should get rid of the lopsided divisions and make the top two teams in every conference battle for the championship or have the conferences decree a champion based on who played the best.

If there is an undefeated Group of Five (the non-Power Five conferences) team that looks impressive in most of their games, like UCF this season, then the committee would likely put them into the playoff.

The four-team system makes way too many people unhappy, but it will be several years before the NCAA does anything to change it because the College Football Playoff contract does not expire until after the 2026 playoff.

If we go to eight teams, then every program will probably have to play one or two less games to accommodate for the new system. The NCAA could award the higher-seeded team home- field advantage in the first round or it could opt to play every game on a neutral field. If this does take effect, it would force teams to have harder schedules and prevent the scheduling of FCS teams. Having a shorter regular season would make every game count. The only debate that would be left is who the top eight teams are.

The playoff was great until this season, because having two SEC teams in the title game is only fun for Southerners, not the rest of the country.

Illustration by Tyler Ross

Eight teams is the best way to represent college football, and it would restore the importance of conference championships, which have been discredited by the committee the past two seasons. The four-team system is good but not great. With this new playoff system in place, it would finally eliminate the concern of at least one power five conference getting snubbed from it. The television ratings would likely be off the charts with eight teams compared to four. Switching to eight is a win-win for everyone. Enlarging the playoff would greatly benefit ESPN, the NCAA and every university in the FBS.

The eight-team playoff would keep the bowl system intact and solve so many issues while satisfying the majority of the country. These revolutionary changes would make the CFP a lot more entertaining for the. fans and be in its best interest financially. This transition is essentially inevitable, so why not implement it as soon as possible?


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