The duopoly dilemma

The world revolves around staying connected. Everyone talks, tweets and texts, while they get immediate updates on what’s happening in the world.

Because of people’s dependence on technology, tech companies can increase their prices continually.

Illustration by Walt Campbell

The price of new cell phones gets higher every year, especially with Apple Inc. releasing its new phones- iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. iPhone prices now range from $349 to $1,149, according to

With Apple Inc. releasing three new phones a month a part, the iPhone X’s pricing was a shock to most people. Although it comes with brand new features such as wireless charging, a full-front screen and most anticipated- Face ID, the question of whether these new specs are worth money, comes into play.

Even though it’s new for Apple, facial recognition has been a part of Samsung’s Galaxy phones since earlier this year.

Although the iPhone X is $1,149, the real dilemma is not about the money; the real dilemma is customers having too few options , so phone companies can drive the price up.

With the Samsung phone being $724.99, according to, most customers lean towards Apple. inc although their prices are higher.

Illustration by Walt Campbell

Between the two companies, Apple and Samsung, there seems to be a tech race- who can release the better of the two phones each year and who’s phone prices can be the highest.

Apple and Samsung, the world’s leading smartphone competitors, don’t seem to have much competition other than the competition between themselves. With these two being the only existing phone companies, they’re able to raise prices on their products, resulting in a phone price over one thousand dollars.

With smartphones being a large part of everyday life, having only two major phone companies makes comparing different phone companies and their models very difficult.

From the iPhone to the Droid, people’s options for finding the phone that fits them best is very limited.

Saying goodbye to the “old ways” of technology and introducing new specs that will increase productivity and efficiency, may be difficult when customers can only find a small spectrum of models. Before going out and purchasing a brand new phone, be sure to research, customers never know what may be right behind the screen.


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